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Add More Images to your Multiplace Queue


I was presenting today at a local user-group and my friend James Wamser from Sells Printing demonstrated a really cool trick when placing files.

When placing multiple files in CS3 and CS4s you will get a loaded cursor with the number of items loaded. If you want to add more items to your list you simply go back to the file menu and choose place. After choosing the extra files (they can even be in a new folder) they will be added to the number of items that you already have loaded.

This is really useful when you have a large amount of files that you are trying to place, but they are not in the same folder. Now you can place as much as you like regardless of where the files are located.

James Fritz is a Principal Program Manager: Content Tools and Workflows at LinkedIn.
  • Mike Rankin says:

    Awesome tip. Thanks for sharing, James and Fritz.

  • You can also go back out to your desktop, and grab images from any location and drop them onto the page. They will be added to your loaded place cursor.

  • Steve Werner says:

    Cool tip.

    Except that you’re talking about a “queue” not a “que,” which is an abbreviation for the Province of Quebec.

  • James Fritz says:


    thanks for catch on the queue:)

  • You can also use the “Show items in subfolders” in Bridge to load more files that are in subfolders of folders.

  • @branislav: That’s true, but it’s ungodly slow unless the subfolders are few and sparsely populated. I tried this (once!) with a subfolder that contained a couple hundred images. I learned my lesson, and now use “Show subfolders” very rarely and always after checking that I’m not going to open Pandora’s box.

  • @Ivan: Yes, you can drag in more images/files, but there’s a trick: When you drag them in, you have to drag in two or more to add them to the queue. Dragging in one just places it.

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