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This article is from July 8, 2013, and is no longer current.

36 Amazing Examples of Flat Design


Earlier this month Free for All presented you with free templates, kits, and PSDs to make it easy to get started creating mobile, Web, and graphic designs in the “Flat Design” style. This week I’ll show you what other designers have already done in this hot design style, a style that will dominate the mobile, Web, and even print design for the next three years. 


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  • Steev Gobs says:

    Flat my ass. maybe if the interwebs wasn’t so slow and bogged up with crap vids…

  • Sandee Cohen says:

    Oh God. Not a gradient in sight.

  • Susan Oakes says:

    I’m with you Sandee. Change for the sake of change, not improvement. Sort of like skirt lengths. ;-(

  • Guest says:

    There are a lot of excellent ideas in this bunch of samples. “Flat” design used to be called iconic design, so it’s really not all that new. It is essentially what has been done in creating logo designs for decades. It’s taking graphic simplification and stylizing it into crisp, easy to see images and symbols that look fresh, colorful and inviting. It’s not the only way to design, but it’s a nice new trend that adds some diversity to many designers’ bag of tricks. Flat design isn’t for every web site, and no one says you have to follow any trend.

  • wdriver says:

    An interesting push on an old concept. And, I must agree that in some of the visuals pictured above are indeed flat – so flat that they lack character and resemble unfinished designs. Has it’s use and purposes but I trust we will see it pushed to its limits and then some, before the next new old thing cycles around.

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