Monthly Archives: July 2020

Celebrating 30 Years of Photoshop

Looking back, it’s easy to see that the year 1990 was a turning point in history and culture. It saw the end of the Cold War and the beginning of the internet. It was also when Adobe released version 1.0 of a little program called Photoshop. It’s hard to overstate the cultural impact that Photoshop […]

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Use with Caution

This article appeared in Issue 135 of InDesign Magazine. With InDesign’s great power comes great responsibility. Learn how to use advanced features without problems. InDesign is a well-designed, high-performance page layout beast. In the hands of an experienced user, it can chew through paragraphs and pages so fast you can hardly keep up. The power and depth […]

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Fixing a Slightly Flawed Font With GREP

Kepler is a staggeringly comprehensive typeface by Robert Slimbach, director of Adobe’s type design program. With 168 fonts within the family, in many widths and weights, it’s a beautiful workhorse. I’ve used Kepler Std Regular for the body copy in my Course and Compendium series of software books. In doing so, I discovered a definite […]

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20 Tips From CreativePro Week 2020

This article appeared in Issue 135 of InDesign Magazine. Erica Gamet shares her favorite tips from an unprecedented online event. When it was announced last year that the 2020 CreativePro Week conference would be held in Austin, I’ll admit that I was not looking forward to experiencing the summer heat in Texas. As a former resident of […]

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Creating Jazz-Inspired Design Styles

This article appeared in Issue 135 of InDesign Magazine. “Never play the same thing twice.” This quotable quote is attributed to Louis Armstrong, the great jazz singer and musician. It captures that indefinable essence of jazz—the spontaneity and freedom of unique expression. But it also suggests that all of us can challenge ourselves to ongoing learning and […]

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InDesign Magazine Issue 135: Use With Caution

We’re happy to announce that InDesign Magazine Issue #135 (July 2020) is now available! Here’s what the issue includes: Use with Caution Some InDesign features come with hidden pitfalls. Keith Gilbert shows how to avoid trouble with them. Introducing Share for Review Conrad Chavez takes a deep dive into the details of this significant new collaborative […]

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