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InDesign Magazine Issue 135: Use With Caution

We’re happy to announce that InDesign Magazine Issue #135 (July 2020) is now available!
InDesign Magazine issue 135 cover
Here’s what the issue includes:

  • Use with Caution Some InDesign features come with hidden pitfalls. Keith Gilbert shows how to avoid trouble with them.
  • Introducing Share for Review Conrad Chavez takes a deep dive into the details of this significant new collaborative feature.
  • 20 Tips from CreativePro Week 2020 Erica Gamet shares her favorite tips from an unprecedented online event.
  • Jazz-inspired Design Maya P. Lim offers some creative ways to “jazz up” your designs.

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  • Luis Felipe Corullon says:

    Great!!! I loved this feature article. The tip about find/change dialog is the reason I made a ‘one line script’ just to assign it a keyboard shortcut to clean up all my find/change dialog preferences (

  • Jeff cunningham says:

    Jeff cunningham

  • Berth Gomez says:

    Hi! may I ask you for your on how to convert number of pages on each to letters. I have been doing it manually, but I suppose there MUST be an automatically way to do it, but I don’t Know HOW. Being more descriptive, the number of page must display on left side of page but before an M space and before the number of page
    Example: 98 ninety-eight
    Your answer will be super useful

  • Thanks for sharing, It is really helpful

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