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Podcast 219

ITUNES RSS FEED DOWNLOAD In this episode: New features in InDesign v10.2, aka “February 2015 release of InDesign CC 2014” Hey there’s more than a couple! Listen up Our opinion on why some are useful, others not so (but may become so) Interview with Russell Viers Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Show Processing Instruction (thank […]

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5 Freelancing Myths Holding You Back

There are many myths surrounding freelancing, and these five can slow your career progress—or stop you before you even get started. So let’s take a look a five common myths vs. reality. Myth #1: Freelancing is easier than a 9-to-5 job. Many people get the mistaken idea that freelancers have no accountability, and unlimited freedom. […]

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InDesign Secrets Video: How to Hide the Content Grabber

I was tempted title this post “How to Hide the !@#$ Donut” since that’s the phrase that would pop into most folks’ minds when they wanted to search for an answer to this problem. But I’m not sure Google understands grawlix. Anyway, you know what I mean. Every single InDesign user on the planet has at […]

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Creating Live Captions With Auto-Fit Transparency Effects

Recently I got a question from someone who was having trouble combining two InDesign features: live captions and auto-fit for text frames. The person was trying to create nice-looking photo credits by grabbing the Author metadata from photos and putting it in a partially transparent text frame, that automatically fit the length of the author’s […]

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Mastering Photoshop Smart Objects: Applying and Editing Layer Filters

In the previous installment of our video series on mastering Smart Objects in Photoshop, we saw how to create and edit a perfect animated Star Wars crawl effect. This time, instead of focusing on one specific effect, we’ll look at how you can use Smart Objects along with layers and filters to create any kind […]

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5 Reasons for Unexpected Overset Text

When writing the post for our contest in January, I stumbled across a small mystery that was entirely separate from low first baseline that was the subject of the contest. When I moved the text frame in the contest file from the page to the pasteboard, it instantly became overset. Having seen this phenomenon before, I […]

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Photobombing in Style

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of celebrities versus paparazzi, the brilliance of the Flashback line of clothing is sure to make an impression. Made from fabric that incorporates tiny glass particles, the clothing and accessories made from this futuristic material are the only items that show up well when photographed with a […]

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