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Podcast 203

ITUNES RSS FEED DOWNLOAD view the transcript of this podcast. In this episode: Adobe Creative Cloud — 6 Months Later Working? Broken? Anne-Marie and David argue it out Reports from the field Some options that could help those who are stuck Issues specific to InDesign users and developers as opposed to other Adobe apps Open […]

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Take Charge With Adobe Bridge: Controlling Chaos Using Keywords

InDesign Support Center

This third installment on metadata goes into greater depth on adding keywords to files. Part 1, covered adding metadata through the Metadata panel, as well as creating templates to add metadata in bulk. Part 2 explored creating a keywords list using the Keywords panel, and touched on applying them. Adding keywords is a chore—there’s no […]

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HelvetiCandy is One Sweet Piece of Type

Here’s a type design that will make both kids and dentists scream (though for opposite reasons). Behold, HelvetiCandy: the font made of, well, candy. Ceated by London-based designer Samuel Carter Mensah “for the sheer love of the typeface and candy,” HelvetiCandy is technically not a real font, but rather a Photoshop file with separate layers […]

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Special Offer on JixiPix Photoshop Plug-ins

Press release JixiPix Software has released the availability of a whole new power in design and artistic creation. Premium Pack Plugins bundles 15 of the most creative apps into Plugins that will run inside of Adobe Photoshop CS3+, Adobe Photoshop Elements 10+ and Adobe Lightroom 4+. And for a limited time JixiPix Software is giving […]

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Elemental Photo Manipulations, Part 4: Water

“Elemental Photo Manipulations” is a four-part series of amazing tutorials and inspiring artwork combining photography with Photoshop in surreal, mind-bending, and sometimes startling ways. In this final installment of the series you’ll get your feet wet with, make a splash in, dive into—and other cliched actions associated with water and liquid—liquid-based photo manipulation. Infuse your […]

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