Monthly Archives: January 2004

Design How-To: Making Complex Patterns with Simple Lines

This story is taken from “Before & After” Magazine). readers can subscribe to “Before & After” at a discount. Click here to learn more. Patterns add bite to an illustration or layout, but scanned images and other pixel-based backgrounds can add lots of bytes to your project as well. Vector textures are more efficient […]

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Industry Analysis: The Quiet Revolution in Proprietary File Formats

From The Pfeiffer Report. To learn more about The Pfeiffer Report, click here. One of the most important contributing factors for the success of desktop publishing was the arrival of standard file formats. Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and Tagged Image file format (TIFF) were revolutionary efforts to do away with the limitations and complexities of proprietary […]

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Canon EOS Digital Rebel: Pro Photo Features at Consumer Price

In the realm of digital cameras, there’s a very simple dividing line between “consumer” and “professional” models: the SLR. Single-Lens Reflex cameras with removable lenses fall heartily on the “professional” side of the digital camera market, thanks to their flexibility, thorough feature sets, and superior image quality. Canon has been steadily moving that dividing line […]

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