Monthly Archives: September 2002

The Art of Business: Guerilla Management and Marketing

Remember Jay Conrad Levinson? In 1983, he wrote the wildly successful “Guerilla Marketing,” a book that sold millions of copies and was subsequently printed in dozens of languages. You can never accuse him of not working to extend his brand; since then he’s written 13 additional Guerilla titles and he markets Guerilla seminars relentlessly through […]

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InDesign How-To: Using OpenType

OpenType is a new font format that gives you access to thousands of special characters within your page layout or illustration — providing the application supports the format. One application that does support OpenType is InDesign 2.0. With this software combination you can automatically insert ligatures and special accents without trudging off to specialty helper […]

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Canon Optura 200MC: Big Movies from a Small Video Camera

Thanks to the small size and form factor of MiniDV videotape, video camcorders are tinier than ever, and for several years, Canon has produced an excellent line of single-chip, small-sized MiniDV camcorders. The Optura 200MC is Canon’s latest entry into the "micro video" market and, as with previous mini models from Canon, the 200MC delivers […]

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dot-font: Not Your Usual Type

Type design has always been an international phenomenon, and the explosion of small digital type foundries in recent years is not limited to the United States, or even to the English-speaking world. While the fonts that ship with new computers, and those that come with software packages from Microsoft and Adobe and other major vendors, […]

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Designing Web Sites That Sell: Components of Commerce

Excerpted from “Designing Web Sites That Sell” (Peachpit Press). Peachpit Press is offering this book at a discount to readers. Follow this link. Many commerce sites have paid the price for poor usability and interaction design. From these failures and from others’ successes, usability experts have identified some best practices for the interaction design […]

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