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100 Great InDesign Tips


We scoured every past issue of InDesign Magazine to bring you the best of the best!

The 99 back issues of InDesign Magazine, encompassing over 700 articles and 2 million words, represent the ultimate goldmine of tips for InDesign users. So to celebrate issue 100, we dug deep, scouring every single issue for the coolest and most important tips and tricks we’ve ever published. Only the best of the best made the cut, so whether you’re been with us since issue 1, or just subscribed yesterday, you’re sure to find some personal gems. Enjoy!


Quick Color Swatch If you’re creating a new paragraph style and you realize you don’t have the color you need in your Swatches panel, just double-click the color proxy to bring up the New Color Swatch dialog box.

Kill the Stroke! Did you just draw a rectangle and end up with a stroke on it that you didn’t want? You can quickly change the fill and stroke attributes of any selected frame by pressing the following keys: Press the X key to toggle between the Stroke and Fill attributes. Press Shift+X; the fill color and stroke color will swap places. The comma key (,) applies the default color to the fill/stroke; the period key (.) applies the default gradient to the fill/stroke; and the forward slash key (/) sets the current fill/stroke to None. These shortcuts work in Illustrator as well.

Registration Be Gone Drag Registration to the bottom of the Swatches panel so you can’t click it accidentally. Even better: do it with no documents open to make it the default for all new documents.

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