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Workamajig, the leading worldwide integrated software for ad agencies and others in the creative and design industries, has announced some of the new features in its next version of Workamajig, a new WYSIWYG forms layout tool for Estimates and Invoices. This new tool will allow any Workamajig user the ability to drag and drop fields and logos, include and exclude columns, use specific fonts, among many other client-requested features.

Workamajig plans to kick off major announcements at its Workology 2.0 Conference, April 11-14, 2010 at the Hotel del Coronado resort in San Diego, CA.

In discussing these features, Ron Ause, Workamajig’s director of marketing, said, “WYSIWYG Invoices and WYSIWYG Estimates is from the top of the list of client requests.”

Using client feedback, Workamajig is adding a new concept called ‘Workamajig Labs’, where Workamajig will release new features to its Project Management Software, and allow clients to turn these new features on when they’re ready for them.

When asked about ‘Workamajig Labs’, Ause adds, “One of our client’s had complained about new features – he just didn’t want them. We didn’t think that would be one of our problems, but we understood that not everyone wants every feature we roll out, even if they can simply ignore them. Enter Workamajig Labs, where a client can turn on a new feature when he’s good and ready.”

When asked to comment on the success of Workamajig’s software, Ause preferred to point us to a comment from one of Workamajig’s clients, Juan Guzman of Robin E Williams Incorporated, a firm dedicated to donor appreciation.

In his blog entry, Mr. Guzman says “We had wanted a better means of storing and sorting information connected to our numerous projects through the Diary section; we now have it. We had wanted a means of isolating and printing certain workings involved the Calendar; we now have it. We had wanted more choices for grouping transactions used to put our invoices together; we now have it. We had wanted a means of searching beyond the distinct databases on a system-wide level; we now have it. Workamajig isn’t simply listening; they’re continually improving!”

Workamajig’s update includes updates for Apple’s Safari web browser version 4.0.4, the world’s fastest browser, available for Mac & PC. Building on recent updates for iPhone and Safari for Mac & PC, Workamajig continues to improve their Advertising Agency Software with every quarterly release.

This release continues to build on the major foundation upgrade that Workamajig made to its Ad Agency management software, addressing interface improvements based on years of research, client interviews and user feedback. All improvements are a direct result from intensive field testing and direct client feedback from actual users of the Workamajig Creative Management Software.

As always with Creative Manager Inc.’s products, no installation or conversion are necessary, and all updates are at no cost to the over 20,000 users of Workamajig. All client logins and vendor logins are always free.

Ause adds, “Having everything all in one place is the key to streamlining the business, and cutting costs throughout the agency.”

Workamajig continues to invest, adding new features that work with Apple’s latest Mac OS X Leopard Unix-based Operating System and Microsoft Windows.

All updates are deployed using Workamajig’s own Auto-Updater, which allows them to deploy updates to all hosted sites, and to clients’ servers at any time. As Ause has said, “We can deploy a change to the program in hours – even minutes! Our competitors take months or years to get to their ever-growing list. ‘We’re Always Listening!'”

Workamajig goes beyond costing to offer full Project Management, CRM, Digital Asset Management, billing and accounting, and Extranet capabilities.

Posted on: March 19, 2010

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