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This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 111

I’m not sure which is more amazing, that Anne-Marie and I just finished our 200th podcast or that this is Articles list number 111! Even more wonderful is that as I look over “the back issues” I see that the old lists and podcasts are almost entirely still relevant today!

Digital Stuff

  • Are you creating a digital magazine of some kind (DPS, App Studio, Aquafadas, PDF, Zinio, or whatever?). The 2013 Digital Magazine Awards deadline is next week! Looks like a great award…
  • If you’re a DPS user, you may or may not have heard that v28 “end of life”s iOS5. That may or may not affect you (depending on how far back you need to support).
  • Men’s Health magazine, from Rodale, has over 125,000 digital subscribers! See why.

Plus-ins and Scripts

  • Sometimes it’s hard to tell which objects are on top of which — otherwise known as the page stacking order, or z-order. Now FrameReporter from Rorohiko tells you at a glance. Check it out in this video!
  • I continue to be impressed by the improvements that Em Software is making to WordsFlow — a great system for importing and linking Word documents into InDesign documents (so you can edit in both places). Check out the release notes for version 1.2.
  • Hey, the folks at CreativeBloq are recommending 15 great InDesign plug-ins!

What’s Adobe Up To?

Art and Design

  • Jim Felici has written three great pieces at on Working with Tables. You must check them out!
  • Ever start working on a project and your internal perfectionist voice starts piping up? Meet that voice face to face here: The Perfection Fairy!


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