USB Device Speeds Up Lightroom's Workflow

Kubota Image Tools has announced the newest addition to the Kubota Lightspeed Workflow family – new Kubota RPG SpeedKeys for Lightroom 2. Kubota RPG SpeedKeys for Lightroom 2 is a wireless USB keypad with 1-button access to: essential adjustments such as brightness, exposure, fill light and more; the most popular Kubota Lightroom presets; and advanced tools such as paint with light, burn, soften skin, and hand-color.

The Kubota RPG SpeedKeys comes loaded with 29 Kubota Lightroom Presets. As a bonus, the SpeedKeys comes with the entire collection of Kubota Lightroom Presets v3, which includes develop, export, print, filter, and more. All of the presets included in Kubota Lightroom Presets v1 and v2 are also included in the set, plus brand new presets never before available. There are over 100 presets in all (a $49 value).

The Kubota RPG SpeedKeys for Lightroom sells for $349.00. Also available is the Kubota RPG SpeedKeys with Kubota RAW Workflow for Lightroom 2. This video tutorial helps photographers learn how to efficiently use Adobe Lightroom 2. This combination pack is available now for $399 (a savings of $50 if purchased separately).

Kubota Image Tools is also already developing future updates to allow for customization of the Kubota RPG SpeedKeys for Lightroom. These updates will be available as free upgrades.

System Requirements: PC or Mac running Adobe Lightroom 2 or higher, available USB 2.0 port.

Posted on: August 13, 2009

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