TypeTalk: You Dingbat!

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Q. Could you give any tips on using ornamental/decorative/dingbat fonts as art elements?
A. I’m so glad you asked, since many designers are unaware of how much you can do (and how creative you can be) with non-typographic fonts and characters.
You will find non-typographic images in stand-alone fonts that can consist of dingbats, ornaments, and borders, and in design fonts, which are like small illustrations. Sometimes ornament fonts are part of a type family, such as ITC Bodoni Ornaments, which go with the ITC Bodoni family of typefaces. Non-typographic characters may also be within a typeface. For instance, Adobe Caslon Pro, Zinjaro, ITC Rennie Mackintosh Initials & Ornaments, and ITC Golden Cockerel all contain decorative goodies.
Background patterns using ITC Japanese Garden.

Images from DF Naturals, ITC Professional Connections, and ITC Golden Cockerel Initials and Ornaments.

Bullets set in Zapf Dingbats, speech balloon set in Carr Balloons, caricature set in DF Expressions, and text set in Linotype Glypha.

Here are some of the many uses of these characters:

  • borders
  • background pattern
  • bulleted points
  • paragraph separators
  • end marks
  • numbered points (some have decorative numbers)
  • decorative elements
  • logos and icons
  • illustrations for invitations, business cards, articles, and brochures
  • initials
  • thought bubbles and starbursts

A great way to start your search for these illustrative fonts is to use the keyword search available on many foundry web sites. Start with a search for “ornaments”, and go from there.
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