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      I have a CC INDD 2020 file (provided by a client) with the following items on top of one another from the bottom up:
      Gradient shadow to darken an area of the photo for text
      Text with a drop shadow.

      First let me say that I can not alter the look of the file at all. For 508 compliance (accessibility), I need to flatten all of the shadows into the photo as one flat graphic before I convert to PDF for 508 remediation. In the past, I found a way to make the text transparent, while maintaining the drop shadow on it. The text literally looked invisibile (100% transparent) and the shadow was around the invisible letters. I can’t for the life of me find my notes on how I did this before and can’t find the online resource that told me how to do it. I’ve tried so many things today but nothing has worked. Can anyone help me? I’ve spent hours researching this and appreciate any help that can be offered.



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      Dieter Stockert
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      Thank you Dieter, these are great resources. Unfortunately they don’t address a text shadow with invisible text. To maybe explain it further, I can’t blend the text with the shadow into the background photo because 508 accessibility demands the text be live type.

      Thank you for your response and I’m still researching too in hopes I find the previous resource that showed how to do what I need. Please let me know if further clarification is needed. Again, I greatly appreciate any and all help! Thanks again Dieter!

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