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      Phil King

      I am working on a double gate fold document. I am laying out the document as 4 spreads. There will be 2 signatures that are 24″ wide by 11″ high. Each have the double gate fold.
      This is hard to describe in text, but here goes.
      I have some tables that would span from the inside of the document onto the out side of the gate fold. Is there a way to have InDesign have some columns on one page and the rest of the columns on a different page?
      My workaround has been to copy the frame with the table and put a white box over the columns I don’t want displayed on a given page.
      Any thoughts?

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      Dieter Stockert

      If you export the tables as pdf file, you can place a table, then duplicate and move it to another page and make the frames smaller, so that every frame is just showing the columns you need. You can edit the original document (it can be the same document with the tables on a hidden layer or outside of the page), export as pdf again and InDesign let’s you update the placed pdfs.

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        Phil King

        That is an approach I didn’t think of. Thanks.

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