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      I have a 244 page doc in ID2020. I’d like to Save a range of pages as spreads for proofing via the PostScript File feature in the Print dialog box. It won’t save as spreads but rather as slightly cropped (and unusable) single pages. How can I save as spreads? Thanks so much!

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      David Blatner

      I’m curious why you want to export using PostScript file vs. export direct to PDF?

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      I couldn’t figure out how to export a range of pages direct to pdf. If that’s possible I’ll go that route. Thanks.

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      David, I see my mistake now. I never got past the Save box on Export b/c i thought it would process the entire doc which is full of photos, charts, etc and i didn’t want to wait. Now i see how Export works and I got spreads for my range of pages. thanks for questioning my intent.

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      David Blatner

      Great! I’m glad that worked. :-)

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