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      Liz Mac

      Hi there. I’m trying to export my InDesign file to an EPUB, however, when I do so, the paragraphs surrounding numbered lists get all messed up. The paragraphs or header directly following the numbered point become indented to the location where the number had been. And this will go on – every paragraph, header, or bulleted point moved over to the numbered list’s location – until either a ‘split’ occurs for a major header or until after a bulleted list ends. I’ve tried playing around with export tags, and with indent and spacing, for all the paragraph styles I could think of, but this problem refuses to go away. It’s really messing up my document, and I would be thrilled if someone knew how to fix this.


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      Which version of InDesign are you using? Later versions do better.

      Have you tried creating and applying named numbered list styles to see if that makes a diff?

      And when you open up the epub, can you see if a paragraph is getting replaced with a break symbol instead, perhaps?


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      I’m having this problem regularly too, and I ran across this thread when I did a quick search.

      When I open my file in HTML to check out the code, it looks like Indesign isn’t adding the “< / li >” (spaces added so I can show it here in the text) closing tag for the list upon exporting to EPUB or HTML. So it thinks that the next paragraph is part of the bulleted list (with no bullet marker, though). I’m not sure how to make Indesign do this, though… must be some sort of glitch on their end.

      By the way, my paragraphs definitely have paragraph endings, and not forced line breaks.

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      I’m having this exact problem as well. But I think it is a new bug.I have been using Indesign to convert Word file to HTML, these documents have dozens of ordered lists. Recently the exported HTML is all messed up. 1 or more paragraphs before the last get included in the list, and after that para. come the .

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