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      Jared Roddy

      Hi! I’m a new Indesign Secrets user.
      I’ve just upgraded to CC on my Mac and I’m running into little irritations – which I’d be happy to complain about later.
      But my immediately pressing issue with my current deadline has to do with the links panel.

      When I select or direct select an image in my indesign document, how come it no longer highlights that image in the links panel?

      Is this a preferences thing I’m missing? It’s super annoying and i’m sure its something I did. I have a bad electronics aura. I’d be happy to complain about that later too.


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      David BlatnerDavid Blatner

      Welcome to InDesignSecrets!

      When I select an image, it does highlight in the Links panel. So might just be your system? Or document? Maybe rebuild your preferences? Hard to know!

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      Jared Roddy

      Thanks David!
      I met you very briefly at Pepcon in Chicago a year or, jeez, two ago. We were using CS5 and wisely decided to transition in the middle putting together our magazine.

      I’ll try to restart. I’ve been having several weird issues like this. Including my cursor just up and vanishing. It was still there and I could type. It was just a ghost cursor.

      Ghost cursor feature: 1 star.
      “It was scary that the absence of a tiny flashing bar could so upend my life.”

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      Lenin D

      I freaked out as well when this happened. I thought it must be some feature that was turned off all of a sudden. However, a simple restart of Indesign solved the issue.

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      Jared Roddy

      I have been able to reset it by restarting the application too.

      Unfortunately, it is a persistent bug. For example I came in this morning and it was not highlighting. And last friday I went through several restarts. The feature would work, then at some point, it would arbitrarily stop working. Then I would have to save, close, quit, restart – and the feature was reactivated. Rather annoying but at least there’s a way around it. Thanks for the replies, if someone figures out a long term fix or there’s and update, please LMK!

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      Craig Yeun

      Only done this once, but it solved ht e highlighting link issue.

      I simply copied one of the links and pasted into a new ID doc. I could see that the link info had been pulled across and when clicking on the link it highlighted. With this new doc open I switched to the original doc, and all of a sudden my links were highlighting again.

      Hope it works for everyone else too.

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      Hi there, I’m on a PC and I keep getting this issue – it does reset when you restart indesign but it’s getting really annoying as it does it 4 or 5 times a day

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      Ari Singer

      I bump into this issue as well from time to time (on a PC).

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      I use Indesign CC on a mac at work and I run into this issue at least once a week. I was restarting Indesign every time it happened, but after reading this feed I tried what Craig Yeun mentioned above, but instead of starting a new file, I just copied and pasted in the same indesign file and it magically started working again! Much easier fix than restarting the program. I’ve yet to try it again so hopefully it wasn’t just a fluke thing. :)

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      Taka Hiro

      Just copy and paste any link and it will gonna back work too.
      No restarting need

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