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      V S


      What does it mean when an InDesign opens as read only every single time?
      I’m working off a server network and this only happens with this one particular document.

      Any idea how I could fix it?


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      Erica Gamet

      That’s usually a permissions issue. Check permissions on that file or its enclosing folder and make sure you have write privileges.

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      V S

      I’ve checked all those things. All the permissions are set to Read & Write and the file is not locked in any way.
      The strange thing is that it doesn’t happen consistently but only 1 out of 2 times I open the file.

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      Andre Vandal

      We have a similar intermittent problem here with our files on the server (located in a another building), we have yet to find a solution, but if we do I’ll let you know. One thing, this started happening to us when we switched from an «smb://» connection to an «afp://» one.

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      V S

      We are using Macs and connecting to a Windows based server using the afp:// protocol.
      The server is in the same building though.

      Thanks for your replies.

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      L MB

      We are having similar problem; All the permissions are set to Read & Write and the file is not locked in any way.
      And it doesn’t happen consistently but only 1 out of 2 times I or someone else opens the file. We are using Macs and PC to access indd on a windows server.
      Was there a resolution to this?

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      I have a similar issue. We have three computers that are networked together to work on InDesign pages. Permissions are set properly.

      Every time one particular computer opens and saves a page, it will become a “read only” when either of the other two computers open it. So we then have to save it as a copy and then delete the older version of the page. This is infuriating, and has more than once led to us losing work because the wrong version of a page was opened or saved. This has not always been the case, but began a few months ago.

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      Tessa Avila

      I am having the same issue with my InDesign book files. Suddenly the individual chapters within my book are read-only when I open them. I am on just one freelancer computer, no networking at all. I never touched any permissions and they opened fine 10 minutes ago. Help!

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      Joe Karl


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      Daniel Selzer

      some research seems to point to Sophos being an issue. Are any of you on systems with Sophos?

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      Tracey Hoover

      We are having the same issue. Another thing that’s happening in conjunction with this that sometimes when one person on our team has an INDD doc open, it doesn’t generate a lock file, so another person is able to open the doc at the same time which is causing issues, also!

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        David Blatner

        Tracey: I’m guessing that it is creating an IDLK file, but that you’re using some server or cloud solution (e.g. dropbox) that doesn’t honor it. Lock files often don’t work over the cloud, sadly.

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