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      XML experts, I need your help!

      I have scoured every video, online tutorial and help doc I can find and have not been able to find a solution or some one with the same problem as me.

      Trying to create a “simple” catalog with text data and 1-6 images per product style. While the text data is coming in correctly, each time I import to populate the remaining data rows, the first image is used for all new image frames, despite the fact the correct image path still shows in the structure attributes.

      Upon initial import, the images come in correctly as anchored in line objects, but on subsequent imports the first image is replicated for all data rows. Or, if I try removing the linked image and using tagged blank graphics frame, then all image frames populate as empty frames – but the in the structure panel, the correct file name hrefs are shown.

      Below is an example of the data (hopefully it shows correctly):

      <styleName>Classic II</styleName>
      <productDescription>Insole: Cushioning foam lined with 17mm UGGpure™ wool to naturally wick away moisture <br><br>Outsole: Treadlite by UGG™ &nbsp;<br><br>- 17mm Twinface upper <br>- Pretreated to repel moisture and stains <br>- Cuffable shaft <br>- Whipstitch detail<br>- Nylon binding <br>- 6” shaft height</productDescription>
      <sizeRun>K 13-6 Whole</sizeRun>
      <category>Classic Boot</category>
      <collection>Classic Heritage</collection>
      <thumbnail><image href="/catalog_images/K_Classic_II_%281017703K-BLK%29_%281%29.jpg"/></thumbnail>
      <thumbnail><image href="/catalog_images/K_Classic_II_%281017703K-CHE%29_%281%29.jpg"/></thumbnail>
      <colorwayName>PINK DAWN</colorwayName>
      <thumbnail><image href="/catalog_images/W_Classic_Short_1.5_LA10.jpg"/></thumbnail>


      Hopefully some one out there has encountered this before and has a solution.

      Thank you!

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      Interesting issue. I am going to go mess with some XML import options and see if I can reproduce your issue.

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