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      Laryn Naegle

      Here’s my problem:
      see loom movie

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      Aaron Troia

      Interesting. I would really be interested in knowing if there is a fix for this too. I dont deal with a lot of Hebrew in text but I do from time to time. I hope someone has a solution.

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      David Blatner

      Well, I think the solution (which I already wrote to Mordechai, offline) is to use the ME version of InDesign. That has tools for changing the language direction. For example, you could make a right-to-left character style and apply it to the text.

      In-tools has a plug-in for controlling this in the regular (non-ME) versions of InDesign (www.in-tools.com) but it has not been updated in a couple years.

      More on installing ME:

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      Masood Ahmad

      Hi David, If you look at the Video, Mr. Lewis is already on an ME version of InDesign. You can see the direction icons on the Paragraph, Character, and Story Panels.

      Hi Mordechai Lewis, If you click on the RTL icon on the Paragraph Panel, the text will start from Right and goes to the left. You can also switch the direction of the text-frame in the Story Panel by clicking on the bottom right icon, just below the ‘Optical Margin Alignment’ settings.

      In addition, you can also change the character direction from the fly-out menu in the Character Panel.


      PS: David, since you’re making changes to this site, I would request you to allow pasting of images in the posts. That will be a lot of help for everyone.

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      Laryn Naegle

      Thank you Masood.

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