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      Hi everyone,

      I’m still trying to get my head around GREP? Is there a simple code to change say a title or subtitle to a specific style? I can see how you can change a character but not words?

      I take it I need to add a sequence of numbers/letters for the GREP to find i.e. (startTITLE)Title text that I want to change(endTITLE) but it’s working out how to say it in GREP?

      Best regards


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      David Blatner

      GREP searches for specific patterns in text. For example “all the words that start with c and end with t.” You can learn more about the codes here:

      Favorite GREP Expressions You Can Use

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      Hi David,

      Oh I see, like looking for italics ands specific words etc.

      Hmm ok. just trying to work out if there’s a way of importing the formatting from the Google doc otherwise I just end up with a document with nothing?

      Thanks for replying, big fan of the podcast :)

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      This seems to be a workaround but surely there’s an easier way?

      Copy doc from Google docs paste into Word, save, then use Place in Indesign.

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      David Blatner

      I replied in the Private Member forum, too. I do not recommend copy and paste. The best solution is to export as a Word doc from google docs. Or use DocsFlow from em software.

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