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      Lydia Hall

      Footnotes have been randomly disappearing from my documents. The reference remains, but the text will disappear, and there isn’t an error or anything that notifies me of it. This happens on different versions of my documents, for seemingly no reason.

      Has this been happening to anyone else? Anyone know of a fix?

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      David Popham

      I can’t say that I’ve experienced disappearing footnotes, but it does seem that you’re not alone – https://indesign.uservoice.com/forums/601180-adobe-indesign-bugs/suggestions/38832532–performance-footnote-disappears. I would suggest reporting your issue there.

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      Hi everyone, Daniel here from Dove Press in the UK.

      I have this problem too and it’s VERY serious. Apparently Adobe are saying that any editing of text on the page will bring back the footnotes, but this is not the case. Furthermore, even if it works SOME of the time, you’d have to do some edit to EVERY page and chance your luck.

      However, as a temporary work around, try inserting a hair-space/sixth space before every footnote (using find/replace is probably the easiest way) and then the footnotes will re-appear. My method is working for me, but it’s laborious and I wish I knew GREP well enough to search for every footnote reference marker and insert the space automatically. I’m sure one of you guys do. Any feedback will be appreciated. Despite the longevity of the process, it did work for me.

      Good luck guys and let’s hope they bring out a WORKING fix very soon, not a partial fix for newer-only files.

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      Barbara Tada

      I am not seeing this solution work, nor does there seem to be a fix from InDesign. This in nearly October.

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