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      Sarah Bugh

      I’m in the process of formatting a long document provided to me in Word. I thought I was being clever by mapping the styles from Word to Indesign to save me some formatting time, which it did a little. Unfortunately one thing I could not have foreseen was that Indesign also brought in all these ‘invisible’ hyperlink tags that don’t actually link to anything. The only reason I discovered this was when I tried to add hyperlinks to certain text and it wouldn’t let me, even though nothing was displayed in the Hyperlinks panel. Upon looking at Story Editor I see hundreds of these hyperlink tags throughout the document which filled me with terror. The prospect of starting again from scratch isn’t something I want to even think about.

      I’m hoping someone here may have also come across this issue and found a way to strip all those stray hyperlink tags out of the document.

      Many thanks.

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      Pam Bomerito

      Is this something you can remove from the WORD document before you bring it into InDesign?

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      Design Dept

      Can you paste the text into Textedit first, then copy/paste into InDesign?

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      Sarah Bugh

      Unfortunately I can’t remove them from Word first as I’ve already imported the text into Indesign and completed quite a bit of formatting work. It would take days to redo it all over again.
      However after a bit more searching I came across this amazing script, just in case anyone needs it in the future. It literally strips all hyperlinks out, including those pesky invisible tags. It just means adding ‘legit’ hyperlinks back in again which took no time at all.

      Big Big thanks to Kasyan and Harbs

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