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      Olaf Mueller


      I have data for a huge folder with 600+ pages in 20 chapters. Single pages (InDesign documents) are combined into InDesign .indb book files, making up the different chapters. To be able to easier make changes I want to combine all files included in a chapter file (e.g. 56 different single-page .indd files) into one coherent InDesign file. I have not found a way to export from the indb file or any other way to do that. Right now I open each and every file, copy it’s contents and paste it into my new continuous file.

      Does anybody know of a script or other means to speed up that process?

      Thanks for any hint!

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      David Blatner

      There are scripts that do this. I haven’t tried this one, but might be helpful:

      That said, I think it’s probably going to be easier to just open each one and use Move Pages to move all the pages into one document. See:

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      Olaf Mueller

      Thank you, David,

      I’ll have to try the script then. I have already tried the other method you suggest but somehow the transfer didn’t always take place as usual. And I still have to open each individual file and then click through all the messages (since I open them on the Mac for the first time). So that really only saves me just a little time…

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      I have a better version of a script like that. It collects files from either a book, folder (with subfolders) or all opened documents. It then creates a single file. It also allows you to choose the sequence of the files and either keep or not sections and page numbers. I tested it in CS 5.5. It should work in CS5 and CS6 Win. It’s in javascript.

      I don’t know how to attach it here but I could share it.


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      Michael, can you email me the script you are referencing. I want to try it on CC. You can send it to: jc [at] proficiografik [dot] com

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      Hi Jean-Claude,
      I sent you the script. It has a small description at the beginning.
      Simply run the script – it will give you options at the start.
      Let me know if it works in CC.


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      I have done a quick test. The first one on a bunch of documents, the second with a Book file with 20 document in it. The script works perfectly…

      Nice script by the way!

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      Currently there is no routine to resolve master page naming or conflicts. It picks up first document as a base for the rest. I probably could change it to automatically rename the master pages but that would result in a document with many master pages that are essentially the same. Another alternative would be to have a comparison function to check if master pages are identical… I feel that would get too involved.


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      Steven Six

      @Michael Zaichnko or @ Jean-Claude Tremblay: is it please possible to sent me this script as well?
      Thanks in advance!

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        @gert and @Steven Six: Gert I sent you script in email. Steven, what’s your contact so I can send it. I don’t want to paste it all here.


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      Gert Verrept

      @michael I’m very interested too for such a script, if possible, you can send it to gertverrept[at]gmail[dot]com
      Thanks in advance!

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      @Michael Zaichenko. I’m interested too. you can send it to sorours[at]gmail[dot]com
      Thanks in advance!

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      Please post the script to Dropbox or similar and give all us fans a public link in a forum reply, or Michael, if you could send it to me at [email protected], I’m happy to post it here (or write a blog post about it).


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      Hello Anne-Marie and all,

      I don’t use Dropbox, etc. but I think I sent it to all who asked. Anne-Marie, you can post it. I’m only glad if it helps people.


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      @Michael Zaichenko. I use InDesign CC 2014 and greatly need your script!!
      Would love if you could send to: alexam1012[at]gmail[dot]com
      Thank you so much!!

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      Hi @Michael Zaichenko. Would you be so kind as to send me the script too?

      [email protected]

      Thank you!

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      Hello Annette and Alex,
      I sent you the script. Would be good to know if there are improvements to be made.
      If you didn’t know, you can change sequence of files by selecting a file in the list and pressing up and down keys. You can remove files from the list by pressing Del. Otherwise they will be combined in the sequence they appear in the list.

      Please let me know how it works.


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      Michael, can you please send me a copy of the script? [email protected].


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      Hello Anne-Marie,

      I sent you the script. If you didn’t get it, please check your Junk mail box. The Subject line is “merge files script.”


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      Hello all,

      I believe I was able to send the script to everyone.


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      Hugo Rene

      Hi Michael
      I have been searching and searching for some like that! I am in a proyect and Iwant to try it… Could you send me a copy of your script to [email protected]
      I really appreciate it
      Thanks a lot

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      Hi Michael
      Can you send me your amazing scripts. My email [email protected]

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      Hi Michael,
      thanks for providing such a helpful toll to the community.
      Can you please send me the script?
      My email is: [email protected]
      Thanks again.

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      Finally got to my computer. Hope you all got the script by now. I would like to hear back on whether it works alright. I made a minor bug fix in it which was that it would attempt to run even if there was no files to run on. So the latest version doesn’t do it. If you run into any other bugs, please let me know.


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      Masood Ahmad

      Wow, when everyone is asking for a script then how can I be left behind. Please email me the same at [email protected], I’ll upload it to Hightail and share the link here on the forum.

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      I would love to have a copy of your script Michael. Thanks a bunch :-) [email protected]

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      Hi Michael, would you please send me the script also at [email protected]? I’ve been looking for a script like that for a long time!

      Thanks so much!


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      hang on

    • #84111
      Kwai Hee Loh

      Hi Michael, kindly please share the script with me also at [email protected]

      Thanks a lot!


    • #84296

      I would be ever so grateful if I could get a copy of this script, please :D

      [email protected]

      thanks so very much

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      Rob Horsman

      Hi Michael,

      I would love a copy of that script as well. If you could email it to horsman[at]


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      candan esin

      Hello Michael,
      I wrote 1400 pages psychology book for print. Now I need to gather all documents into one and reassamble page layout for epub3. I would be more than grateful if you can mail your script to

      [email protected]

      Best wishes

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      Here is the script!

      It’s a jsx.bin file. After you download it, unzip it, and put MergeFiles-2016.jsxbin in your scripts folder. Double-click it to run, and you’ll get a dialog box with some options.

      And I’ve done an InDesign Secrets tips video demo-ing it for too … not sure when it’ll come out though. In the meantime I’ll do a post on the blog with screen shots, but probably won’t get to that for a few days.

      BTW I asked Michael, the author, for permission to distribute (thank you Michael!), as well as his Paypal account name if you’d like to say thanks for this one, and/or contribute to his ongoing script development work: [email protected]

      About the script, Michael told me,
      “The way it works is… run the script. It will pop a panel. You can
      choose from “all open docs”, “folder with files” or “a book” if it
      is open. From there it is self-explanatory. Features that you should
      be aware of is that up and down keys move items up and down in the
      list. Delete button, removes them from the list. It chooses the
      first file as a “template” for the rest. I’m open for feature


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      The script doesn’t seem to keep the link between threaded text-frames. Is this fixable?

      – Rune

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      Olaf Mueller

      Thanks a lot, Anne-Marie and Michael, for providing the script. I was the original instigator of the above question. And have had to come back three years later now.

      Great community!

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      This is amazing, I’ve been searching for a script for days. Still works perfectly! Thank you very very much.

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      Si Dispa


      I tried the merge script with a book. One of the chapter has 17 footnotes numbered 1 to 17. After the merge the footnotes were renumbered 1,2,3 on each spread/frame, that is, as the footnote counter restarted every time.
      As a result, after exporting to EPUB, with all the footnotes at the end of the chapter, I ended with several #1, #2, etc.
      Very confusing.
      It is a bug or I am missing something ?

      Thank you .

    • #99145

      Hi, useful script but I confirm it doesn’t keep links between text-frames.
      any chance to have an update ?
      thanks in advance

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      In case anyone comes across this and was wondering, it still functions quite well. Not sure why, but my chapter numbers disappeared. Maybe I missed a checkbox. All-in-all, still a great script three years later. And thanks InDesignSecrets for having a post about how to implement scripts in InDesign to go along with this. Without it, I would have been lost!

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