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      Ok here’s a head scratcher! I have a rule book full of clauses all set using a numbered list.
      Can I get any type of text variable to to enter all the numbers in the list that fall on any given page and insert them into a running header at the top of the page?
      The character style won’t work nor will a paragraph style, and have to keep the numbered list can’t convert to list to text and then work of a character style.

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      you could use “Power Headers” from in-tools:

      – – – – –
      Bullets and Paragraph Numbering: Power Headers offers the option of transferring bullets or paragraph numbering to the headers. You can use this option in conjunction with the option to transfer local formatting or GREP Processors to style the bullets or paragraph numbers differently than the rest of the header text.
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      Thanks Kai, downloaded at trail version of Power Headers, can’t seem to get it to lift the numbering, have defined the variable, (much like the TOC pop up) and made sure to click the radio buttons, Don’t Transfer Text, and Copy Paragraph Numbering, but still getting squat. I’m probably doing something stupid?

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      I haven’t installed the plugin yet on my machine. So please call Gabe Harbs (the owner of in-tools) directly. Thanks.


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      Well, I’ve given it a couple of weeks, gone over the instructions pdf again an again, even got our IT support to watch me to see if I’m doing something wrong, but can’t make this plugin work. Have sent a message through to Power Headers via their website with screenshot included, posted my problem in the In-Tools forum, no help from any quarter, can’t really make a case for purchasing additional software to my manager, that doesn’t work or has no support! Shame if it did what it said on the tin it would have been quite useful.

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      PS thanks Kai for your help :)

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      Ari Singer

      David Blatner has Harbs’ personal email address, ask him if he wants to give it to you.

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      David BlatnerDavid Blatner

      I sent a little note to Harbs seeing if he had any insight into why this might not be working.

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      David thanks very much, appreciate the help.

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      I just responded via email, but I’ll respond here as well.

      It’s likely a bug using the combination of “all instances” and “only numbering”.

      One work-around which would likely work, would be to use a GREP processor to strip out all non-numbers.

      Some more details that I did not write in the email:

      Something like [^\d.] (and replace with nothing) would delete anything but digits and periods. That might require cleaning up trailing periods and if you have numbers in your text, that would be a problem.

      A better GREP might be:
      .{0,}?(\d\.\d)[^\d]+ and replace with $1

      I think this would do it. If you have some kind of separator, you would need to add that in.

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