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This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 85

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What’s amazing to me is that you might be reading this in 2013 or 2014 and most of these links will still not only be good, but they’ll still be really relevant! We like to think that technology changes so quickly, but learning tips and tricks today will help you for months and years in the future.


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  • Eugene Tyson says:

    Hmm the Layout Zone for exporting to PNG moved things around in the layers and ordered them incorrectly. Best to group everything first, that will combine to a layer, then export to PNG.

    Also, the Convert Zone doesn’t work when working in Pixels.

    Thanks for all the links. Very useful.

  • Stix Hart says:

    Has anyone else got the Fotolia plugin working in InDesign CS5 running on Windows 7 64 bit. For me it comes up with an error message when installing about an invalid token and fails.

  • @Stix: One of the developers wrote me about your problem: “They probably have an older build. Also, they might get this message if they haven’t uninstalled any earlier versions. It was developed in Window 7 64 bit, so there shouldn’t be a problem there.”

  • Eugene Tyson says:

    I had an issue similar to that Stix I had to use WinRar to extract the content and then run the file directly from the extracted content. And that has worked.

  • I have updated LayoutZone (1.3b3). This new version should fix the issues reported by @Eugene.

  • Stix Hart says:

    @ David & Eugene, no I had the latest one downloaded from their website (btw it still says it’s in Beta) and it failed, both when I double clicked on the file and selected it from with the Extension Manager. I tried Eugene’s trick (but I used 7zip instead) and it worked! It’s great now, loving it….

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