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This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 66

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We gotcha’ InDesign articles here! Come and get ’em!

  • Are you into GREP Styles? Do you have dozens of them around? You really need to look at this beta of Marijan’s tomaxxiGREP!
  • I don’t have a copy of this Print Handbook yet, but it looks cool. If you have a copy, tell us what you think.
  • Once again Kelly at DocumentGeek shows us her artistic flair in using InDesign custom stroke styles for cool effects.
  • And if you like effects, you must run over to and watch this newest free video from Mike Rankin: How to make things shiny.
  • Smashing Magazine offers a great look at typographic ettiquette. Love it!
  • Here’s a free (“pay with a tweet”) Proposal Template from Erick at StockInDesign.
  • While in most cases, I prefer to apply styles in Word, then maintain them (by having the same-named styles in InDesign). However, in some cases — like when dealing with multiple authors who have made a mess of their files — it’s best to just strip out all the paragraph styles and start from scratch. Here’s a good step-by-step that discusses this workflow.
  • Want to publish your document via MagCloud? They’ve made it even easier.
  • Here’s a quick overview of all the great scripts that Marc Autret has been working on (some free, some commercial).
  • Silly, but I love this review of amazing alphabets made from found and made objects.
  • If you do a lot of find/change, you should seriously consider saving them as queries so you can reuse them. Here’s how. And if you have a lot of queries, then you should use Multi Find/Change!

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  • Thanks for the Link to the “Print Handbook”.
    For all the german speaking InDesigners: There is a free german handbook (for PDF/X and Colormanagement) to get from

  • David Creamer says:

    Regarding typographic etiquette…

    I have a PDF on my website that might be of interest:

    It has been available in various forms since 1998.

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