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This Week in InDesign Articles, Number 35

If you’ve been following the news, then you know that the whole world has gone crazy for InDesign! The InDesign political party has gotten underway, bringing the message of InDesign-for-Everyone to the voting public. In areas where there is no voting public, the InDesign party is simply staging a party. So party on with these InDesign-centric (mostly) articles, brought to you by your favorite InDesign news source, InDesignSecrets.

  • Martinho da Gloria, the creator of the amazing LayoutZone tool, has come up with another jaw-dropping feature: MultiFindChange. This is the tool that everyone who has do perform a lot of find/change operations has been waiting for. If you were ever tempted by the FindChangeByList script, but it was too scary, or you’re brave enough to use that script anyway, you must try out MultiFindChange.
  • Our friend Brian Wood is doing a number of InDesign videos and tutorials on his askbrianwood site. Here’s one on using MiniBridge and Gridify.
  • Need to shift everything on a particular layer up, down, left, or right? Check out this new feature of the Rorohiko LayerLifter plug-in.
  • If you use layer comps in Photoshop (if you don’t, you probably should), you need to know about this little CS5 bug, documented by our friend Claudia McCue.
  • The difference between plug-ins and scripts is confusing. Add to that the new concept of an Extension. Here’s an article that breaks it down for you by a guy who knows.
  • Into print-on-demand, but you want it for magazines? Check out Brian Lawler’s article about HP’s MagCloud service. (They also offer an iPad publishing option!)
  • How curious that Roger Black and others are starting to sell templates for newspapers, magazines, and other publications. Their company, Ready Media, doesn’t say how much these puppies cost.?

iPad and epub Stuff

  • On the iphone/ipad front, I was intrigued by this news story of the New York Times offering its iPad app technology (for a price) to other companies. I love reading the Times on their device.
  • Speaking of iPad, looks like the Lonely Planet books have gone interactive. I used the print versions extensively in various travels in my youth. I think interactive books like this are the future, but I think iBooks (and other ebook readers) have a long way to go before they’re as useful as they should be.
  • Everyone is waiting to see what Adobe will do with the whole iPad thang. They’ve been talking about their Digital Publishing Solution, but here’s an article that goes into more detail than I’d seen elsewhere and makes it clear that these tools are being added to InDesign.
  • I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning again that Liz Castro’s book about epub has hit the literal and figurative shelves.
  • The Woodwing solution for iPad magazines has become famous, but a lot of people think it’s only for huge publishers. Not so, says Woodwing. Granted, it’s not cheap or for the mom and pop shop, but medium sized publishers should have no trouble with it. Here’s his blog post on it.
  • If you’re making EPUB docs from a non-English version of InDesign, please read Liz Castro’s warning about italic and bold text coming out as normal. She keep posting all kinds of good stuff on that site, including this article about making an index in an epub.
  • Did I already link to this article about “how we make epub docs“? Well, if I haven’t, now I have.

Other Cool Stuff

Wow. That’ll keep you busy for a while!

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  • Wow ? MultiFindChange, I’be been using multiple FindChangeByList scripts for ages this is great news, and what a nice little interface!

  • tomaxxi says:

    Hey David!

    Thanks for putting my blog on list :)

  • tomaxxi says:

    Also, don’t forget to check “In-Tools Script Bay”

    Script Bay is a FREE script panel replacement for the entire Creative Suite CS5.

  • Lisa says:

    Can someone answer this question? I have not been able to find the answer anywhere. Pantone’s new Pantone Plus Digital Libraries for Adobe, are these compatible with older versions of Adobe CS apps like CS3 or CS4? Or will they only work if you have Adobe CS5?

  • Jongware says:

    Lisa: I see no harm in just trying. It seems to work fine with my CS4.

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks Jongware. It just seemed odd to me that they would provide system requirements, but not application requirements. Essentially the digital libraries are like a “plug-ins” for the CS apps. I suppose if installing them screwed stuff up then the only harm would be having to re-install the apps. But I like to know these things ahead of time.

  • Jongware says:

    Yeah, they don’t mention for what version it installs, and what it exactly *is* what you get. I suppose swatch libraries are sort of “general” across your system — I’d have to check what new files I got and where they ended up.

  • >