The Excuse Moose

Some creative blöks are easily side-stepped or avoided, such as the Perfection Fairy or the Flatfooted Naysayer; but not this denizen of the Creative Hinterlands. Excuses are a hulking moose of a problem.

The Excuse Moose

A very common ungulate grazer on the bogdowns and downtime meadows of the creative hinterlands, the Excuse Moose collects excuses and stores them on its expansive antler spikes. All bluff and no stuff, the enormous Excuse Moose presents a stunning array of perfectly good reasons why nothing is happening, each one designed to discourage a challenge, or even a discussion.

The Excuse Moose

When you meet an Excuse Moose, you’ll find it nested down in the wide variety of excuses that it slowly gnaws on throughout the day. You cannot help but be distracted by this extraordinary beast, as it chews through excuses. And if you’re not careful, you, too, will collapse in a heap and begin to rattle off excuses as to why you can’t possibly get anything done.

Poor health, no money, family obligations, busy schedules, high humidity… these are all very valid excuses, yet many people create in spite of these challenges. It is possible, just not easy or convenient. But if your goal is to create, you will need to call this moose’s bluff. Run around him. Challenge and taunt him. He is in your way and you must dislodge him or execute some sort of end run around him.

Unfortunately, the Excuse Moose tends to get disturbed when you confront his excuses. The more you challenge the excuse, the more imposing he becomes.

The Excuse Moose intimidating

The Excuse Moose waits for the right mood, the perfect moment… that 3 hour block of time when all the planets align and creating is effortless and productive. (Not a common occurrence in the creative hinterlands!) But remember that at its core, the Excuse Moose is not so lazy as it is cowardly. Creating takes courage. To get pass the excuses, you must admit your fear: The blank page is scary, so is showing others your work. Excuses keep a lid on things and prevent passion from welling up and being transformed into action.

Excuses are also exhausting. Creating elaborate stories of why nothing is being accomplished drains energy from legitimate creative projects. It is far better to spend your time doing something, anything to move forward toward your creative goal. Better to steal 15 minutes here and 20 minutes there when you are grumpy, mad or frustrated. Channel that energy into your work and see what happens!

Posted on: February 19, 2014

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  1. BRAVO!   Brad the Moose Slayer!

  2. Great stuff!

  3. No one escapes The Excuse Moose! Whew…

  4. So true about the amount of effort it takes to create an excuse.   Great reading!

  5. Words of wisdom….Will do…

  6. The Wynne-Rose Clan

    February 26, 2014 at 8:09 pm

    So true. The Excuse Moose can be an obstacle in many areas of our lives. Thank you for the insight and encouragement Brad.  

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