TechSmith Announces the Jing Project

TechSmith Corp., the world’s leading provider of screen capture and recording solutions, today announced Phase Two in its consumer-feedback campaign known as the Jing Project. The project’s goal is to create an incredibly simple, always-ready tool for capturing, enhancing and sharing screenshots and screencasts in seconds.
Screenshots and screencasts are perfect visual elements for adding impact to online conversations via email, instant messaging, social networks, blogs, community groups and forums. Screencasts are little movies that users create, on a Mac or PC, of what they see on their computer screens and what they say. It’s the ideal way to explain things when words just won’t do. A two-minute sample screencast of Jing can be viewed here:
"Whether it’s for our professional or personal lives, we all spend a ton of time online and much of that time is spent communicating with others," said Tony Dunckel, Jing Project Manager at TechSmith. "With the Jing Project, we are striving to give users an easy and fun way to explain, entertain, inform, rant, train, educate, and engage others by sharing their online experiences."
TechSmith started the Jing Project earlier this year to garner input from loyal TechSmith customers during the development of this new technology. Over 250,000 people have downloaded Jing, and TechSmith has been aggressively soliciting their feedback.
"Jing is an ingenious piece of software and we believe the way to make it truly great is to have the public play an integral role in the creative process," added Dunckel. "The first phase of the project was very rewarding. Thousands of early adopters provided us with insightful feedback. Much of that feedback has been included in the beta version of Jing. Now we’re ready to hear from the rest of the world."
Currently, Jing can capture a still image or record exactly what a user sees on a computer screen, including what they say, and how they interact with any Windows or Mac application or website. The content is automatically uploaded to and the user is given a link instantly. The user can share that link with anyone or everyone.
Users also have the option to save their creations on a hard drive, FTP them to their own server, or send them to Flickr. Jing is currently free, as is the hosting service. They will remain free throughout the beta period.
System Requirements and Availability
Jing supports Microsoft Windows XP or Vista and Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later, including Leopard. To provide feedback and to download Jing, visit
About TechSmith Corporation
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