Storefront 2.0 Expands Flexible Workflow Capabilities for Online Document Customization Web Sites

Pageflex ( NASDAQ: BITS ,, the leading provider of Web-to-print technology, today announced the release of Pageflex Storefront 2.0, expanding the workflow capabilities for online document customization storefronts with new features including enhanced user and group privilege definition, email notifications, automated order processing, and user-controlled download and pick-up of final output.

Pageflex Storefront enables quick and easy definition, auto-generation, and management of attractive Web-to-print document customization sites, through an easy-to-use Web-based interface. Included in the package is user account, shopping cart and order management, as well as personalization and customization technology for online document editing. At the core of the solution, is Pageflex Web-to-print composition technology, including flexible templates that enable document layouts to "flex," accommodating variable content within sophisticated designer-specified guidelines.

The enhanced privilege management capabilities in Pageflex Storefront 2.0 enable service providers to create user groups, then allow or restrict access to products, categories and even document editing capabilities based on the privileges of a group. Privileges also control shipping and payment options, as well as the ability to upload images and databases. Service providers can additionally create groups and manage privileges for administrative users, assigning responsibility for site configuration, site set-up, order processing, and other site management functions to different administrative users as appropriate.

Additional site management features include the ability to configure completely automated workflows that are directed to output devices as soon as an order is placed, and the ability to configure and better manage the lifecycle of customizable document products, including streamlined testing, releasing, and updating of these products.

Expanded workflow capabilities for end-users include email notifications that can be automatically triggered and sent when the user’s order reaches designated stages of processing and fulfillment, and the ability to download final output. Each of these capabilities can be defined as part of a workflow, with access based on group privileges.

“The online document customization capabilities built into Pageflex Storefront in its initial release were already the best available, based on our well-developed flexible template technology,” commented Anna Chagnon, Pageflex CEO. “This release is focused entirely on enhancing the workflow capabilities of Pageflex Storefront, enabling streamlined, automated processes where appropriate, while at the same time greatly increasing flexibility and control for effective workflow management.”

Pageflex Storefront 2.0 is available beginning today from Pageflex. A complete list of Storefront 2.0 features is available upon request.

Pageflex, a division of Bitstream Inc., ( is the technology of choice for Web-to-print applications and sophisticated personalized communications based on customer information. Pageflex smart templates ensure that design integrity and brand identity standards are rigorously maintained, while empowering local users on a brand-controlled publishing portal to customize and localize collateral and campaigns. With Pageflex-powered sites, global control with local empowerment is a reality.

Pageflex pioneered flexible variable data software with its debut in 1997 and has been a technology innovator in the Web-to-print customization arena ever since.

Pageflex powers online document customization portals for printers, advertising agencies, marketing services companies and corporate marketing departments worldwide.

Bitstream Inc. (NASDAQ: BITS) is a software development company that makes communications compelling. Bitstream enables customers worldwide to render high-quality text, browse the Web on wireless devices, select from the largest collection of fonts online, and customize documents over the Internet. Its core competencies include font technology, browsing technology, e-commerce technology, and publishing technology.

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Posted on: January 20, 2005

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