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Select (or delete) All Guides

It’s easy to delete a guide on your InDesign page: Just select it with the Selection or Direct Selection tool and press Delete. But what if you want to delete all your guides? Here’s one of my favorite hidden shortcuts: Command-Option-G/Ctrl-Alt-G. That selects all the guides on the current spread. Now you can press Delete to get rid of all of them at once.

Alternately, you can choose Layout > Create Guides, turn on the Remove Existing Ruler Guides checkbox, and click OK. That also removes the guides from your spread.

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  • Jean-Claude Tremblay says:

    That’s a great shortcuts.

    The problems I have with it is that and the “Remove Existing Ruler Guides” is that it is deleting only the guides on the current page or spread.

    Their is no way to delete all guides on all pages…

    But here is a small applescript that can do it in a fraction of a seconde:

    tell application “Adobe InDesign CS2”
    set myDocument to active document
    tell myDocument
    delete every guide of myDocument
    end tell
    end tell

  • For beginners : have you noticed that you can place guides on specific (multiple) layers and that you don’t necessary need a script to delete all the document’s guides, just delete the layer !

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  • Adobe added a new feature at some point, but I only just noticed it: if you right-click the vertical or horizontal ruler around the page, you can choose “Delete all guides on spread” from the context menu!

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