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Scripts for Working with Long Documents

InDesign Magazine Issue 130: Accessible PDFThis article appeared in Issue 130 of InDesign Magazine.

Life-savers, game-changers, and miracle-workers for anyone creating books and other long documents with InDesign

Long document layout with InDesign presents some unique challenges. Besides the sheer volume of content, these documents are often highly structured with multiple levels of headings. They may contain highly technical content and feature lots of paragraph and character style variations. They also sometimes use InDesign’s Book panel, which has been largely untouched by the InDesign development team for many years. Thankfully, users who specialize in long documents have complained about some of InDesign’s long document shortcomings, and the vibrant community of InDesign scripters has risen to the challenge, creating some fantastic aids for working with long documents. Here are a few of my favorites.
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  • I can give one of the most important of long-document tips—use paragraph and character styles for everything. You can get away with making manual changes in an advertising brochure. You can’t in a 400-page book.

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