PopChar Updated With New Features

PopChar, the utility that has been helping Mac users find and type special characters in their documents since the Age of the Dinosaurs (technically 1987), has been updated with new and improved features. No longer a simple character picker, PopChar has grown into a full-featured font utility for both Mac and Windows. Version 6.1 adds a new Font Info view, displaying detailed font information including version number, properties, supported languages, number of glyphs, copyright and license statements, information about the designer, manufacturer, vendor, and more.

The text in Font Info view is selectable, so you can copy and paste it as needed. PopChar 6.1 also remembers the selected font across quit and relaunch, offers improved vertical positioning of certain non-standard fonts, and adds a number of other enhancements.

PopChar’s display organizes the thousands of glyphs in a Unicode font neatly in groups that you can collapse or display to focus just on the characters you need.

It displays recent characters, favorites, even Apple Color Emoji icons.

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You can also search for characters in a font, or perform a “reverse search” to display all fonts that contain a specific character. And of course, PopChar displays the key combinations for characters, to help you memorize the ones you need most often.

PopChar works on Mac OS X 10.5.8 or newer, Windows XP/Vista/7 and sells for EUR 29.99 (roughly $38 US). For more info on the benefits of PopChar, check out the Top 10 Reasons to Download PopChar.