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The PicScout Legal Partner program now has three new partners in the United Kingdom (UK) joining the company’s global provider network, ready to meet the demand for stock agencies and photographers to pursue revenue recovery in that country. Recent successes of image infringement cases in the United Kingdom — most notable being the 2009 decision in Getty Images Inc. versus JA Coles Ltd. have clarified the serious ramifications of image infringement in the United Kingdom and suggest timely pursuit of non-legitimate use in that country. UK firms have joined the PicScout Legal Partner program to support a significant increase in the number of PicScout clients now pursuing cases in the United Kingdom and include legal firm Swan Turton and Intellectual Property Protection Ltd. (IPP), who join recently announced partner Mishcon de Reya.

The PicScout Legal Partner program is integral to the range of image information services PicScout provides to stock agencies and photographers around the globe. Through the program, PicScout makes it easy and seamless for clients to pursue revenue recovery via legal partners well versed in the practice of image rights and image protection. Clients can assign cases directly to legal partners through the PicScout online compliance application, and legal partners update clients on case status through the application.

“We are delighted to come on board as a legal partner to support PicScout clients. The image business is at the core of what we do at Swan Turton, and we welcome this opportunity to get involved in copyright enforcement work at the cutting edge of the business,” said Charles Swan, Head of the Photography Group at Swan Turton. “There’s an assumption out there that anything on the Internet must be free. We look forward to helping PicScout’s clients correct this misperception.”

“Unauthorized use is a major challenge for our clients working to promote and protect their image business. We are pleased to support our clients who have become keen to assert their revenue rights for image usage in the United Kingdom. PicScout is proud of our unique role, connecting industry clients with outstanding legal partners committed to the protection of copyrighted images and revenue recovery of license fees,” said VP Marketing and Business Development, Amy Love. “PicScout thoroughly vets legal partners and seeks those of the highest reputation, who understand the nuances in pursuing infringements efficiently and effectively for our clients. We welcome our newest UK legal partners and are proud to include such high caliber partners in our growing worldwide PicScout Legal Partner program.”

“We are delighted to be joining PicScout as a partner in the United Kingdom and we are very much looking forward to building a relationship with the market leader in worldwide image services,” said David Tyler, managing director, IPP. “At IPP we pride ourselves on the excellent reputation we have developed with clients over the past 4 years. We believe partnering with PicScout represents a great opportunity to further support our clients in protecting their copyright.”

PicScout currently provides image tracking services in more than 20 countries and has legal partner relationships throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia supporting individual country-specific legal requirements.

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Posted on: July 19, 2010

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