Pantone Introduces the 2014 PANTONE PLUS Series

Press Release

CARLSTADT, N.J., Mar. 11, 2014 – Pantone, an X-Rite company and the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, today announced the addition of 84 new colors to its PANTONE® PLUS SERIES, as well as Artist Edition covers, which will be available on a selection of popular PLUS SERIES guides.

Bringing the total number of colors in the PLUS SERIES to 1,755, the 84 color additions incorporate a broader range of blushes and pinks, as well as a wider variety of vibrant blues, greens and violets. The new colors will be available in coated and uncoated formats and are printed on text-weight paper to match popular print specifications. These colors, along with the 336 colors introduced in 2012, have been integrated into the color sequencing for a chromatic arrangement.

“For over fifty years, Pantone has been committed to offering color tools that inspire and support designers in their efforts to create brilliant, memorable work,” said Karen Lantelme, director of creative marketing at Pantone. “The 84 new colors, combined with the Artist Edition cover selections, further extends ourcommitment to designers and celebrates color’s profound impact on design.”

The Artist Edition covers feature the work of two artists from PANTONE Canvas, Pantone’s free, online portfolio sharing network powered by Behance. The PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE and PANTONE SOLID CHIPS will feature covers showcasing works of art from designer Tímea Andorka’s project, “Optics/Chromatics.” To optimize visual impact, the Coated and Uncoated FORMULA GUIDE will each feature one of the images, divided across the seven guides. The SOLID CHIP Coated and Uncoated binders will each be wrapped in one of the works of art.

PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE® Coated and Uncoated will feature Artist Edition covers inspired by designer Yo Az. Each guide will feature one image from his vibrant and illustrative project entitled, “Rainbow.” 

About PANTONE Canvas

PANTONE Canvas is a free online creative network powered by Behance. PANTONE Canvas lets designers showcase and promote their work through digital portfolios to millions of creative users worldwide to connect with other creatives and potential clients.  PANTONE Canvas is the first and only network built on the Behance platform with the ability to filter projects by color. Inspired by the talent showcased by some of the PANTONE Canvas members, Pantone curated Artist Edition cover art for some of the most popular PLUS SERIES products from designers on the site. 

About the featured designers:

  • Tímea Andorka is a graphic and typography designer from Budapest, Hungary. More of her work, including “Optics/Chromatics” can be seen here.
  • Yo Az is a graphic and web designer and illustrator from Paris, France. More of his work, including “Rainbow”can be seen here.


Based on the original PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® released in 1963, the PANTONE PLUS SERIES includes a complete collection of color tools that support creativity from design to production. These include 1,755 colors, PANTONE COLOR MANAGER software, a Lighting Indicator page and a ColorChecker®Photography Target.

The powerful PANTONE COLOR MANAGER software integrates PANTONE Colors into popular design software including Adobe Creative Cloud and QuarkXPress® 9, while also giving users the ability to create custom PANTONE Color profiles for accurate color reproduction and visualization. A new Lighting Indicator page, reformulated for better performance, ensures ideal lighting conditions for color evaluation. The ColorChecker Photography Target, included in COLOR BRIDGE, helps with digital image color correction.

Pricing and Availability

The limited-edition PANTONE PLUS SERIES guides, including the 84 new colors, are available immediately and can be purchased from the Pantone website at and through Pantone resellers worldwide.

Value bundles, including PANTONE ESSENTIALS and PORTABLE GUIDE STUDIO, include a redesigned Pantone-branded carry case that can easily store up to nine PANTONE Guides. The REFERENCE LIBRARY was also redesigned and elegantly displays the entire updated PLUS SERIES library. As an added incentive, customers can trade in any old PANTONE Guide for a $50 rebate toward the purchase of any PLUS Value Bundle until mid-September.

Posted on: March 11, 2014

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