One Thousand-Plus Vintage Camera Effects in One Photoshop Plug-In

Retrographer is a Photoshop plug-in with effects that make modern digital imagery look like it was shot with old-timey cameras using vintage film. “Not another one!” you might groan.

But Mister Retro, the company behind Retrographer, is no Hipstamatic copycat. They’re also the creators of Machine Wash Deluxe, a much-loved Photoshop filter set, and the Permanent Press Photoshop plug-in. Mister Retro knows vintage effects.

The $99 Retrographer plug-in comes with more than 1,100 camera presets, meaning your processed photos won’t look like everyone else’s. There are fifteen main effect categories:

• Aging Effects
• Camera Flash Effects
• Film Grain Effects
• Flash Hotspot Effects
• Framing Effects
• Halftone Effects
• Lens Distortion Effects
• Lens Focus Effects
• Lens Gel Effects
• Light Leaks
• Photo Lab Effects
• Processing Effects
• Surface Effects
• Tonal Film Stocks
• Vignetting

Retrographer runs on Macs (OS X 10.5 and up) and Windows PCs (Windows OS 2000, XP, Vista32 and 64 and up). You can buy it here.

Posted on: October 3, 2011

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