Offset Your Carbon Use with Eco-Book

Printondemand-worldwide believes that digital printing is the future for environmentally conscious book manufacture, direct marketing and label printing. We understand that it is essential that our environmental impact needs to be reduced.

Although we have a carbon offsetting policy in place (based on annual paper usage and operational factors), the Eco Book model allows our customers to choose to directly offset the carbon associated with their job by contributing, what is usually a very small sum, to the planting of additional trees.

Every customer that subscribes to the Eco Book model receives an electronic certificate confirming the amount of carbon that was offset on their behalf and the fee is added to the job’s invoice.

To subscribe to this printing model, choose the Carbon Offsetting option when getting an online quote. The carbon footprint is estimated based on factors including book size, page count and number of copies ordered.

Posted on: July 28, 2008

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