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News Release: Adobe InDesign Goes All-in with iOS, Drops Support for Mac and Windows


[Editor’s note: This was our 2015 April Fool’s Post]

Adobe Systems, Inc. today announces it will no longer support the Mac OS and Windows operating systems, and instead devote its resources entirely to Apple iOS products, including a revolutionary new product: InDesign for iWatch (“IDi”).

“We’re terrifically excited about this momentous and revolutionary decision,” remarked Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen in a prepared statement. “We believe the future is personal and wearable, and we know today’s creatives want to create and publish no matter where they are.”

Most IDi users will prefer the new Bitmap workspace (View > IDiBitty), which makes the nanopixel-sized menus and panels a little easier to work with, as shown below:

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InDesign for iWatch

Keeping Up with the Millennials: CCC’s BeTinder

Adobe also announced that, in a move to keep itself relevant with younger generations of designers, it has acquired the mobile dating app Tinder, merging it with Behance, and renaming the service BeTinder. Accordingly, Adobe is renaming its cloud-based subscription service to Adobe CCC: Creative Cloud Companion.

Dan Yanky, newly appointed as VP of Companionship, explained, “BeTinder enhances our online portfolio technology by allowing users to include selfies and profiles.” He noted that, “our younger creatives are all about hooking up in designer-to-designer or designer-to-client collaborative matchups. CC Companion lets you swipe to discover potential designers or clients using geolocation or budgetlocation technology. Our software encourages ephemeral experiences between consenting professionals. What happens in InDesign, stays in InDesign.”

CC Companion

Notice her hands making a “C C” gesture!

New Product Features

New InDesign CCC features include opening up the CC Libraries technology to the BeTinder platform, allowing you to share your work, and ‘Like’ the work of others. You can build libraries of your favorite BeTinder matches and share them with your workgroup:


Senior Design Visionary Michael Ninness added, “We understand that QR codes are key to the success of every design professional, so we made sure that InDesign’s QR Codes are second to none in the industry.” New QR code features include:

  • QR animation
  • The QRticle Panel (for specifying the proper order of your QR codes)
  • The new QR-Collector and QR-Placer tools
  • Ability to print QR codes at up to 18,000 ppi (on select output devices)
  • New stroke styles let you place QR codes along a path

Plus, Adobe has incorporated a new CCQR panel in all the CCC apps, letting you share your QR codes among all your devices—even InDesign for iWatch (IDi CCC April Release):

QR codes on iWatch

Pricing and Availability

Adobe IDi is a free app with in-app purchases ($4.99 per document), available for immediate download through the Apple App Store. Adobe CCC and BeTinder are included with existing Creative Cloud subscriptions. For language support and international availability, visit the Apple App Store. More information on Adobe Creative Cloud Companionship pricing and plans is available at:

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  • There is a also a free widget available in CC Library that helps you to import ready-made price quotes for your clients with all-kind of relevant information to convince them but there is a typo in it: the line “Adobe Publish licence – Starting price: $30,000”.

  • Holly says:

    That’s Hilarious!!!

  • Bart Van de Wiele Bart Van de Wiele says:

    “What happens in InDesign, stays in InDesign.”

    I think I might need a tshirt of that at PePcon *hint hint*

  • Serge Paulus says:

    “nanopixel-sized menus and panels” – we’re already close to it :-)

  • Beats the April Fools day gag I had in mind: April Release of InDesign CC – finally fixed the footnotes feature.

  • Andrzej Windak says:


    You are wrong, yesterday president Obama passed the president’s decree no. 4767 which changes upcoming fools day date to Feb 29, so as you may know it means that we will be allow to celebrate that day every fourth year on… So I know is sad, but I think he think we need to be more serious these days…


    I love to say hello to every one here, I new here and I want to introduce myself a bit.. I’m an happy indesign user (happy because some nice pills I have).. I’m proud Pole, which mean (for most of people around there) that I came from where Santa Claus comes from – North Pole… and you were right.. we have squared Moon and we have some polar bears walking on the street.. but we can deal with that :)

    @Anne-Marie & David
    Thank you so much for the great job, you probably never thought that your podcats have another hidden value, which is ENGLISH… I’m listening to you guys not only to live, breath and think all things indesgn but also because it helps me to practice my english.. so I listening to every single podcast couple times and going to back to some of the pretty often and as far as I can tell it works pretty well.. You are like second level of Callan school in Europe :D hahaha

    S O T H A N K Y O U from north pole for great work… !!!!!

  • Obi-wan Kenobi says:

    Nobody talks about the incredible functionality that allows the user to project from the watch on any wall, all InDesign tools windows offering a total interactivity between the watch, the software and the wall! Given the number of ID tools windows, it’s totally fantastic! ;-) <3 Adobe!

  • I must point out that you forgot to mention the biggest productivity improvement – Adobe finally built a new version of the graphing tool in Illustrator (illi) so you can now, finally, plot line graphs and bar charts right on your watch! The downside is it only works with data formatted in Windows 95, so you may still have to do some tweaking.

  • Eugene says:

    As usual, Adobe put everything on Apple devices, nothing for us Android users! :(

  • Michael Ninness says:

    BeTinder… now that is funny!

  • Jim Leonardson says:

    I’d have a BeTinder library for “Designers who GREP”

  • Lynn Grillo says:

    I’ve heard that the larger version of the watch runs InDesign Server as well. Anyone know if that’s true?

  • Not funny at all. Jeez. I’d say the bigger news article is that Adobe is shelving it .indd format and using the much more feature-rich QuarkXPress file format.

  • Break my heart, why dontcha? I was so thrilled to see “Biker dudes who know how to kern,” and then I find out this isn’t true…

  • I am SOOOOO Happy this is just a joke. I was about to seriously go on a rant on Adobe’s Website. LMAO Happy April Fool’s.

  • Wanda Trimnal says:

    Please tell me this is another April Fool’s joke?!?!?

  • Teresa Clement says:

    Hahaha!!! Thanks for the smile…

  • Joyce W. says:

    Thanks for the chuckle!!!!! You had me going for a minute there. Indesign on an i-watch…. Now we need photoshop as well so we can split the screen between the two…..

  • jaykay144 says:

    Awesomely clever! VP of Companionship … oh my.

  • Solidworks says:

    awesome now it happen! Well done apple also Samsung

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