New Wacom Tablets Start at $79

When Wacom introduced the Bamboo family of pen tablets in 2007, the company said the new line would appeal to consumers. They were right about that, but creative professionals perked up, too. Because while we all would love an Intuos4 ($399) or–dream big–a Cintiq 24HD ($2,499), our budgets may not stretch that far. The Bamboo line was much more affordable.

Now Wacom has updated the Bamboo family. There are three models, which cost $79, $99, and $199. Measuring only 5.8″ x 3.6″, the lower-priced Bamboo Capture and Bamboo Connect might not be practical for you. But the 8.5″ x 5.4″ drawing surface of the $199 Bamboo Create is actually a wee bit larger than the Intuos4!

Of course, at half the price, the Bamboo Create is missing some of the goodies in the Intuos4. You won’t get the ExpressKeys or the Touch Ring. The Bamboo Create has 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity compared to 2,048 in the Intuos4. And it’s an extra $39 for a Bamboo-compatible wireless accessory kit.

Nevertheless, I predict we’ll see the Bamboo Create on more than a few creative pros’ desks.

Bamboo Create:

Bamboo Connect:

Bamboo Capture:

Posted on: September 29, 2011

3 Comments on New Wacom Tablets Start at $79

  1. Hey Terri,
    Nice article, might be right on your prediction.
    … I almost choked (gag-ga) when I saw the “creative pro’s desks”.
    I have never met a creative pro, artist, designer, etc., whatever ; that
    had their real desk look like that. Very “un-real”, nerve-vanity surreal.
    … anyway, are you serious ???
    I have a had time believing the wacom pitch if the desks are that fake.
    sorry, for the silly hype…. have a great day at your desk.
    david w.

  2. The photos are provided by Wacom and are meant to appeal to consumers. I included these photos instead of straightforward product shots because it’s useful to see the scale of each tablet in situ.

    Terri Stone
    Editor in Chief,

  3. Overlooked in these images is that 2 of them feature the elusive Apple Wireless Full-size keyboard! Haha… one can only dream… and until that day comes… one apparently can use Photoshop to pretend…

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