Master Colors Moves Up Ship Date of HVC Color Composer

Due to the resounding success of the Master Colors HVC Color Composer for the Macintosh, Master Colors has moved up the anticipated release date for the Windows Version from November ’05 to October ’05.

“The windows community has been clamoring for the HVC Color Composer Windows Version ever since the Mac Version’s release in January ’05 at MacWorld San Francisco”, says Neil Murphy, Vice President Sales & Marketing.

“The program is an incredibly advanced color picker that offers the user a rich environment in which to create custom palettes that can be applied to virtually any use. Users are provided with unprecedented access to a broad range of colors that are useful for their particular project. This is certainly a product that serious digital publishers will want to have.”

There is an extremely informative, in-depth article on the HVC Color Composer titled: “Web Design — Beyond 216 Colors, Outside the Web-Safe Palette” at the following link:

Posted on: July 18, 2005

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