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Video editing and production is a part of my everyday life as a content creator on YouTube. While traveling or when I need to share something in social media with my audience, I put away my camera gear and laptop and then default to the simplest tool I have. My smartphones.

Producing and editing video content has never been more practical. Adobe Premiere Clip is a free mobile app for both iOS and Android devices that makes this process relatively simple. I can combine video clips and even photos from my phone (or tablet) and edit them together in a polished video, all in a matter of minutes.

Here is an example of a video in my “Dear Entrepreneurs” vlog series that was completely edited in Adobe Premiere Clip. If you want to create a thumbnail and upload it, you can do that in Adobe Spark Post on your smartphone and upload it via the YouTube website rather than the mobile app, all from your phone.

My Top 5 Favorite Features in Adobe Premiere Clip

  • The ability add, sync, and mix background music to your videos on an automatic loop
  • Multiple “looks” for color grading and style, built into the app
  • Being able to add bumpers to your videos, as well as fade in from black and fade to black
  • One-click direct publishing to YouTube and Facebook
  • Send videos to Premiere Pro for further editing

Premiere Clip is part of the Creative Cloud

Like the other Adobe Mobile Apps, Premiere Clip is part of the Creative Cloud and allows you to take your content from a mobile environment to a desktop environment where you can add more polish. For example, you could shoot a rough cut of a video project with your phone, and edit it for a much more refined overall product on your desktop or laptop.

Why start the process on your phone?

You can arrange and cut your clips to tell the general story, particularly for short form videos. This could be very convenient in the moment when you’re feeling creative. When you are ready to sit down and handle fine-tuning, or if you need to bring someone else into the decision making process, you can do so with full Adobe Creative Cloud at your disposal.

As part of the Adobe Mobile App suite, Premiere Clip also works in combination with Adobe Capture. Particularly if you use Adobe Capture and it’s “Looks” feature, you can create stylized looks for color grading your videos. You can also import these same Looks into Premiere Pro on your desktop and use them there when working on any project.

“Do the best with what you have, where you are”

That is one of my favorite quotes from Theodore Roosevelt, and I feel that it is the entire thesis of the Adobe Mobile Apps. There are less than a handful of truly powerful and intuitive tools for mobile video creation, and two of them (Premiere Clip and Spark Video) belong to Adobe. If they ever make an app for sound effects and music creation, you could essentially call it game over for the competition.

Adobe Premiere Clip makes online video creation more accessible to the majority of people, and allows them to work within a familiar ecosystem and take advantage of compatible tools.

The importance of video production and editing skills

Content is the cost of entry to being relevant today, and video content is as much a part of that conversation today as radio was 60 years ago. Nearly every relevant social media platform nowadays leverages video content in some form.

The core platform for the “buying market” of individuals 18-34 with disposable income is Facebook (despite how much you are hearing about Snapchat), and Facebook has been heavily focused on video for the past 2 years. Cisco predicts over the next few years (by 2019) 80% of online traffic will be video consumption.

Going forward, the skills to create high-quality video content will be very valuable regardless of your specific field, career, or profession, and Adobe Premiere Clip helps eliminate the barrier to entry. The next time you have a small block of free time, download Premiere Clip, and try it out. I’d wager that within 5-10 minutes you could be creating videos, while enhancing your creativity and career.

Posted on: July 29, 2016

Roberto Blake

Roberto Blake is a Graphic Designer helping Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses improve their branding and presentations. Roberto also teaches Graphic Design and Adobe Tutorials through his YouTube channel and community. Roberto's Photoshop artwork has been featured in publications such as Advanced Photoshop and Photoshop Creative Magazine. See

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