Major Accessibility Legislation is Coming: What You Need to Know


A big piece of European Union (EU) legislation is coming and is set to have a dramatic impact on the marketplace, and even on how North American publishers operate. In much the same way that EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has us thinking about cookies whenever we visit a website, the forward-thinking European legislation is bound to cause commerce ripples around the world.

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Laura Brady is an accessibility expert whose priority is always to put users first. She has more than 25 years of trade publishing experience, working in digital publishing for the past fifteen years, creating and converting ebooks, training publishers on accessible workflows, writing a blog helping developers work more accessibly, and consulting for services organizations about how to publish inclusively while worrying about everyone's reading experience. You can find her at
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    Important to know: all eBook publications from 2025 onwards will be enclosed but not the backlist of your publications prior to this date. But this will be discussed in the next years ;-)

  • David Richter says:

    “Major Accessibility Legislation” …. behind a paywall. Nice.

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