Limited Edition Stock Photos Starring Vince Vaughn and Friends

Getty Images’ iStock is promoting Twentieth Century Fox’s upcoming Vince Vaughn film Unfinished Business with stereotypically banal stock photos. Vaughn—along with Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco—makes cameo appearances in the sterile “look how much fun working in an office where we all dress in the same blue/black/white color palette is” images via the wonders of Photoshop. With descriptions like “Portrait of multi-racial business team…enjoying victory on white background” and “…dashing business leader…standing confidently with arms crossed at the head of his team,” I just knew I had to have them!

The photos, twelve in all, are being released in sets of four each week. My Facebook feed is abuzz with my designer friends letting me know about the photos, so naturally we have spent the week pondering our grand plans to use them in upcoming projects. Well, let’s just curb our enthusiasm for a moment, shall we? While the promotion is a brilliant use of the oft-mocked office stock photo, it is just that: a promotion. And, as such, the photos are not to be used in any commercial endeavor. Licensed “for editorial use only,” they can be used in blogs, news sources, and other editorial situations and every photo comes watermarked with the iStock/Getty name. Amusingly, that limitation hasn’t kept The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) from including the images and tagging them as “stills from Unfinished Business.”

Posted on: March 5, 2015

Erica Gamet

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