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InReview: iziExport

Plug-in gives you a head start in moving content from InDesign to WordPress

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Conrad Chavez has provided education and training for digital media and publishing for over 20 years. His work includes the last three editions of the book Real World Adobe Photoshop for Photographers and the video Color Management for Photographers and Designers. He also contributes articles to publications including and, and is a photographer. To learn more about Conrad, please visit
  • Saqib Ali says:

    Hi there,

    Anyone out there have had any experience with iZiexport?

    Are there any tutorials out there on this software?

    • Conrad Chavez says:

      iziExport has several video tutorials posted on their web site:

      • Saqib Ali says:

        Hi Conrad thanks for that, I seem to be slipping up at the first hurdle when I try entering the login credentials into the iZiExport addon within InDesign for my subdomain site.

      • David Blatner says:

        I believe iziexport relies on the XMLRPC.php file on the server to write to WordPress. This is a very common solution for offline editing, but unfortunately some ISP companies block access to that file on the server to avoid hacking. (I wrote about it in this article about MarsEdit). You can often get around it with an htaccess or ngnix comment, but you may have to work with your server company to do it. If it is blocked, then iziexport will not be able to log in to the wordpress site.

  • Saqib Ali says:

    Thank you for the reply @David Blatner, thought I’d give you an update just in case anyone else comes across a similar problem, my site suffered a fair few DDOS attacks therefore I installed a plugin which disabled the XMLPRC, even after deleting the plugin the XMLPRC file was still affected, once I was able to solve that issue, with much assistance with my Hosting provider (Knownhost -best customer service I’ve ever experienced!) I was able to log into iZiexport, now to get my teeth stuck in!

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