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CreativePro and InDesignSecrets Merge


CreativePro Network, Inc. (CPN) announced today that it is merging and InDesign Magazine into its flagship portal for creative professionals,

Over 130,000 free and paid members of InDesignSecrets will be automatically migrated to become members of Those who receive the monthly InDesign Magazine will continue to receive it through the new site. And, as members of, they will also receive additional benefits, such as bonus downloads, templates, and discounts to online events and ebooks.

“Most InDesign users also use Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and many other tools,” explained David Blatner, CEO of CreativePro Network and co-founder of InDesignSecrets. “It makes sense for CreativePro to offer a one-stop resource for tutorials, tips, in-depth articles and videos about all these apps, plus fonts, presentation design, and more!” — which has been publishing “how-to” articles and tutorials for graphic designers and communications professionals since 1999 — has undergone a complete redesign for better readability and searchability. Plus, free and paid members can now “favorite” articles to easily refer to them again.

Over 2,500 free articles, podcasts, templates, and other resources from have been added to the CreativePro library, along with 1,000+ member-only tutorials, back issues of InDesign Magazine, and premium downloadable files. With over 15,000 posts, is one of the largest archives of graphic design “how to” material on the Web.

David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepción started as a podcast and blog in 2006, and acquired InDesign Magazine, The InDesign Conference, and CreativePro in 2013.

In 2017, they launched an annual event, CreativePro Week, which brings together experts from around the world to teach “how to” skills for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat, PowerPoint, and more. Over 800 attendees from six continents attended the online version of CreativePro Week this year, and over 1,500 are expected for the combination live and online conference, livestreaming from Washington, DC, in May, 2021.

Today, is the cornerstone of CreativePro Network’s wide platform of information resources, including online training at the new CreativePro University, two YouTube channels, thriving community groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, online events, and more.

Since 1999, CreativePro Network (CPN) has published quality educational resources for creative professionals, produced by the world’s top experts in layout, illustration, retouching, UI/UX, production, presentation design, and publishing. Our philosophy — Learn, Create, Share — drives us to provide year-round, full-circle learning to support your creativity and career.
  • Anne-Marie Concepcion says:

    Congratulations, team! You did it!

    • David Blatner says:

      Hey, you, too!!! We did it!
      (But sadly, we’re having a lot of crazy server problems this morning. Growing pains, I guess. With luck, the devs will get it all fixed up in a jiffy. Or, um, giffy.)

  • Michael Peel says:

    Excellent news indeed!! Especially in this truly crazy year of 2020, it’s fantastic to hear some encouaging news and to be a part of this community. Thanks for all you do!!

  • Apurva Ashar says:

    Congratulations! Sharing the happiness and the feeling of jubilation. InDesign Secrets and CPN have been my favourites from the day I latched on. Excellent news amids the crazy times.

  • George Salnik says:

    I don’t like it this! Please return our sites back! IndesignMagazine is a brand, IndesignSecrets is a worldwide brand. CreativePro is NOT. My strong IMHO

    • Anne-Marie Concepcion says:

      Hi George! You may not have noticed yet but the entire InDesignSecrets site lives on right here in its own home, even the site’s logo and tag line:

    • David Blatner says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, George. As Anne-Marie said, we still love InDesign and those brands are not going away anytime soon. Actually, CreativePro started in 1999, and InDesignSecrets did not start until 2005!
      Yes, every InDesign article is still here on CreativePro, and old links should even still work ( will redirect here now). I’m sure there will be a few problems from time to time, but we will get them fixed.

      • George Salnik says:

        Yep! It’s great that old links will be alive. Please don’t repeat Adobe forum horrors.

  • Andries Grijpma says:

    Congrats, I don’t have paypall and no creditcard, how can I pay?

  • Rombout Versluijs says:

    Wow thats a big overhaul and merge.

    Will take some time to get used to the GUI. I did like the design and than especially the colors from the old design. Now it feels awkward and not really Indesign minded. Colors are psychology ;) Perhaps a nice sub-style :)

    Big props to the web-devs though, merging all that data. It still seems to work nicely. But im here a couple months after the initial merge

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