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InDesigner: Jana Rade

CreativePro Magazine Issue 3: Photoshop Smart ObjectsThis article appeared in Issue 3 of CreativePro Magazine.

Jana Rade is a designer, writer, layout specialist, and desktop publisher with over 24 years of industry experience. She grew up in what was formerly Czechoslovakia, and after finishing basic education, she enrolled in an economy college. After graduating, Rade dabbled in a few positions within payroll and purchasing, but nothing seemed to stick.

Growing up, Rade’s father worked as a typesetter for a book press, so she was familiar with the craft from a young age. After the Velvet Revolution, an opportunity arose in a local print shop in the sales department. Over the course of her time there, however, Rade ended up getting to work in both the typesetting and printing departments. Eventually, she accepted an offer for post-grad education in exchange for a five-year contract working in the print shop. “I was always drawn to the air of the print shop, no matter how dirty it was,” she joked.

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Addison Lalier is a part-time freelance writer for InDesign Magazine. She specializes in client and project management at a creative agency in Portland, Oregon.