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InDesign Template Essentials: Tables and Cells

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This time, it’s a bodacious batch of  styles for table and cells.

indesign secrets template essentials table cell styles

Working with tables can be tricky and time-consuming, so automating the look of your tables (including the text within them) via styles can be a huge efficiency boost. And this set of Template Essentials includes styles for all kinds of tables, from the simple stuff to the complex tables-within-tables approach. Demonstrated table uses include coupons, catalogs, menus, sports stats, captions, and callouts. And you can also see how to make fancy table effects like rounded corners and graphics.

IDS_Essentials_TablesCells-corners2 IDS_Essentials_TablesCells-sports IDS_Essentials_TablesCells-menus IDS_Essentials_TablesCells-coupons IDS_Essentials_TablesCells-callouts IDS_Essentials_TablesCells-corners

And of course, there are plenty of paragraph, character, and object styles you can use and customize to your needs.

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indesign secrets template essentials table cell paragraph character and object styles


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  • PrairieGirl says:

    Wonderful table templates,thanks! But the linked PNG files on the cover are missing?

  • Michael Vernon says:

    Thanks so much for this one, I have been looking for Table Styles templates for so long now…

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