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InDesign Magazine Issue 75: The Ultimate Guide to Kerning


We’re happy to announce that InDesign Magazine Issue 75 (July, 2015) is now available!

Here’s what the issue includes:

  • Ilene Strizver shows you how to get beautiful letterspacing in any situation.
  • Keith Gilbert surveys all that is new in the 2015 release of InDesign CC.
  • Adam Jury reminds us that when it comes to InDesign features, the greatest doesn’t have to be the latest.
  • Wendy Katz shares the story and the works of Marquand Books.
  • Erica Gamet recaps the 2015 edition of the Print + ePublishing Conference in Philadelphia.
  • Kelly Vaughn stretches InDesign and her imagination to the limit to make some awesome houndstooth patterns.
  • Theunis de Jong’s GREP of the Month: Case Sensitivity
  • Best of the Blog

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  • Thanks for covering Kerning – I imagine it will be a new concept to some readers, and the more people who are aware of kerning, the better.

    I was hoping to read about some new kerning tools or plugins, but unfortunately, this was not covered in the article. Probably because there really aren’t any available.

    It would have been nice to at least see a mention of the fact that InDesign still lacks the basic kerning table editor that we had in Quark 25 years ago. We could use a lot of people to put pressure on Adobe to include this, so mentioning this in the article might have encouraged a few people to join in that cause.

    If anyone does know of any plugins that do custom kerning in Indesign, please share!

  • Tobias Wantzen says:

    I post feature requests for a custom kerning editor since InDesign CS1 (or was it ID 2?) for every version shipped. Quark had that feature since – uh, let’s stop comparison …
    I know, it’s not an easy task and would involve development of a visual kerning editor for interactively changing pairs and changing by value (with two new characters: left margin and right margin, so I could do precise kerning of a char with left or right margin of a text frame – oh, let me dream!), integration of the custom overriding pairs into InDesign (not touching the font file), respecting different styles and versions of a font, integration of the custom pairs into the document (so they are automatically transported when transferring the document) etc.
    Ok, it’ll be hard work to implement, but a really cool feature either!

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